Meet The Dentist Team

Meet Dr. Moosa Zulfiqar

B.D.S C-Implantology

Team Lead – Dentistry

Dental Surgeon / Implantologist

dr moosa

Dr. Moosa Zulfiqar is a clinician with 7 + years of experience of private practice in Islamabad. He has happy patients all across the country and many across the world. He has Postgraduate Certification in Dental Implantology. His area of interest includes Oral Surgery and Dental implants. Currently he works with the department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at KRL Hospital Islamabad. He holds memberships of Professional International Organizations including AO Foundation Maxillofacial Surgery Switzerland

Meet Dr. Maaz Qureshi

B.D.S C-Restorative Dentistry

Certified Restorative Dentist

Dr. Maaz Qureshi is an experienced dental surgeon practicing at CDDC. He received his 4 year BDS degree  from University of Health Sciences, Lahore. He did his Postgraduate Certification in Restorative Dentistry from HITEC Institute of Dental Sciences & was awarded the Certificate by ADSL Norway. His area of expertise include Dentures, Crowns, Bridges, Implants, Fillings & Teeth Polishing & Whitening. He has worked as a Faculty member at Army Medical College for a while and is currently working with the Department of Prosthodontics at Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry

Meet Dr. Mussab Irfan

B.D.S,C- Restorative Dentistry

Certified Restorative Dentist

Dr. Mussab Irfan, with his 10 years of experience in saving hopeless teeth is truly passionate about the latest advances in Endodontics to ensure the best possible, most efficient and fast treatments for teeth that need to be salvaged. Dr. Mussab currently works with the Department of Endodontics at HITEC Institute

Meet Dr. Saad Saud

B.D.S , C- Orthodontics

Dentist / Orthodontist

Dr. Saad Saud is a specialist Orthodontist who formerly practiced in F-11 Islamabad. He offers speciailized Braces treatment for all ages with metallic & sapphire braces. He is rated 5 stars by happy patients. He currently works with the Department of Orthodontics at School Of Dentistry, PIMS, Islamabad

Meet Dr. Palwasha Bangash

Meet B.D.S , MCPS Maxillofacial Surgery

Meet Maxillofacial Surgeon / Certified Facial Aesthetician

Dr. Palwasha Bangash is an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon with special interest in Facial Aesthetic procedures. With her 8 years of experience, and Postgraduate Certification in Facial Aesthetics, she offers treatments beyond Dentistry including but not limited to PRP,  Botox & Hydrafacial. She is currently working with the Department Of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry

Meet Dr. Mariam Shaikh

B.D.S , M.B.A

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Mariam Shaikh, with her 10 years of experience is well versed in providing all General dental care with focus on Artificial Teeth. Passionate about truly helping people, She has a vast experience in Department of Prosthodontics from Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine, Karachi

Meet Dr. Anum Atif


Step into the world of aesthetic excellence with Dr. Anum Atif, where your dreams become reality. With an unwavering passion cultivated over a decade , Dr. Anum’s artistic eye and profound expertise ensure personalized transformations like no other. Feel the warmth of her care and the welcoming embrace of her practice. Let her guide you on an extraordinary aesthetic journey, where together, we will unlock the wonders of your true beauty.

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