Sapphire Orthodontics (Braces)

In Islamabad

Orthodontics (Braces) is the specialty of dentistry focused on the diagnosis and treatment of dental and associated facial irregularities. The results of orthodontic treatment can be dramatic – beautiful smiles, improved dental health and an enhanced quality of life for many people of all ages.

Alignment problems, which can result from genetic and environmental factors, must be diagnosed before treatment begins.

Proper diagnosis involves taking photographs, x-rays, and dental impressions, which enable our practice to make informative decisions about the form of treatment necessary.

Outstanding results are also dependent on maximizing the coordination of care between you and our practice. We are committed to delivering the best possible service in order for you to achieve your orthodontic objectives.

Well-aligned, straight teeth may be desired for aesthetic reasons, but, more importantly, they generally indicate an overall healthier mouth.

Misaligned teeth and jaws can be related to uneven tooth wear, gum problems, breathing difficulty, poor oral hygiene (due to hard-to-clean teeth), speech development, and damage of the jaw joint.

Some people are more susceptible to crooked teeth, though many of these problems can be caused by what someone is exposed to, such as breastfeeding or thumb sucking/pacifier use.

By the time a child is 7 years of age, it’s usually quite obvious to a dentist/orthodontist if a patient will need braces, as most of the adult teeth should be present.

Missing teeth
Impacted teeth are some problems usually seen in orthodontic patients.

Types of braces we provide :

  1. Metallic conventional braces
  2. Sapphire braces (transparent braces for adults and esthetically conscious patients)
  3. Aligners

Advantages of metallic braces:

  1. Less friction
  2. Treatment time reduced
  3. Easy and cheap replacement
  4. Cost effective

Disadvantages of metallic braces:

  1. Visually prominent
  2. Allergic in some patients

Advantages of sapphire braces:

  1. Aesthetically superior
  2. Transparent
  3. Can be given to adults

Disadvantages of sapphire braces:

  1. More friction
  2. Slightly more treatment time
  3. Non extraction treatment preferred
  4. More costly than metallic

Advantages of aligners:

  1. Removable trays
  2. More transparent
  3. Easy to clean teeth

Disadvantages of aligners:

  1. Non extraction treatment preferred
  2. Costly
  3. Root movement is not controlled
  4. Treatment time is more than braces