In Islamabad

Veneer is a thin shell like covering placed usually only over the front surface of the tooth to improve the smile aesthetics and/or protect the tooth’s surface from damage.

CDDC has dentists in Islamabad that offer Veneers of two types:

  1. Direct Composite Veneer: It is directly placed (built-up in the mouth) in a single appointment.
  2. Indirect Porcelain Veneer: It involves the preparation of the tooth followed by sending the records to the lab. The veneer is fabricated in the lab and placed in the patient’s mouth in second appointment. They are fixed on to the teeth with the help of a resin cement.

Veneers are a conservative solution (as compared to crown) for people who want to mask their teeth by a cover to change the colour/shape of their teeth. This procedure is performed by a Prosthodontist, who is a dentist with additionaltraining to use advanced technology to deliver aesthetic artificial teeth.