What Sets Us Apart

Innovative Technology

Investing in the best possible, industry leading standard of care makes your dental treatment quick, more efficient and laster longing, with the minimum number of visits, to keep up with your busy schedules

Strict Sterilization Protocol

Best in class Sterilization


Comfortable & Modern Dental Surgeries

Dental chairs purposefully set to provide side by side family dentistry as well as privacy

Synergy With Medical Specialist

We provide complete medical review before proceeding with dental treatments on elderly patients and those requiring high risk care such as Diabetics and Hypertensives

Dental Care For All Ages

Your kids are your biggest fans. Never let them down

Up to 90% Less Radiation Exposure With Digital X-rays

We take X-rays within seconds without the patient leaving the dental chair, with 90% less radiation exposure compared to conventional dental X-ray systems

Comprehensive Family Dentistry

Meet the happy families from all over the world that trust us at CDDC